The Widget


What happens if I start preparing a document but then I have to break for a call or a meeting?

If you stop working on a wizard for a break, the Widget stores the information you have entered, and when you return to the job you can pick up exactly where you left off. Our 'traffic lights' system tells you which parts of the contract you have completed, and which you have not.

How do I know that my finished Widget draft is legally watertight and does the job I want it to do?

We have carefully designed the templates and we maintain them so that they are always up to date and reflect the latest legal and commercial developments. We have prepared the wizards so that if you follow the advice contained in the wizard you are unlikely to go wrong. We obviously cannot be responsible for any new wording that you add to the document yourself (whether using the wizard or otherwise) without our advice.

What happens if you update a template while I'm preparing a document with that template?

If you start preparing a document, it will be tied to the template version that was live at the time you started. If we update a template in any material way, a warning notice will appear under the document in your 'My documents' library that tells you a change has been made, and you will have the option of restarting your contract or letter if you want. If the change is major we will also put a notice in the template update section of the dashboard.

The Widget service only gives me the first draft. What happens when the other party wants to make changes to the draft?

The Widget is designed specifically to create first drafts. Due to the inevitable complexities of contract negotiation it does not automate the negotiation process. However, if you re-visit the relevant wizard for your contract you will often find help with alternative or additional clauses that you may have decided not to select the first time round.

I like the Widget process but I would like to be able to apply it to my own business templates. Is this possible?

You can indeed. We offer a bespoke version of the Widget: we discuss with you the templates that you would like to use on the Widget, run a health-check on them, and then together with you design appropriate wizards specifically for those templates. The results will be for the exclusive use of you and your business. The cost of using the Widget on a bespoke basis is subject to negotiation, and will depend on the number and complexity of the documents involved.

Is each document set a fixed list of documents, or will you be adding to them?

The document sets are not necessarily fixed. If we feel that there is call for specific additional documents to be added to a particular set we will add them. We welcome views as to additional contracts or documents that you would find useful.

If this service is so good, why aren't other firms offering it?

We are proud to be the first to offer such a service, and we expect other firms may follow our example. We have invested significant time and money in designing and building the Widget platform and documentation, and it may be that some firms are not willing or able to make that investment. However, we feel that it is the obvious solution in the current climate to the legal and administrative burden that faces clients who use relatively simple contracts and documents on a regular basis.

I have other questions I want to ask about the Widget. Where do I ask?

If you have any other questions about the Widget before signing up that don't appear in these FAQ we would be happy to answer them - please email us at We will reply as soon as we can, usually within the same working day (except in busy periods).

What they say

The PPA is delighted to be able to offer this service to members in partnership with Wiggin. The Widget is a simple yet powerful contract-drafting tool that will deliver real value to publishers, whether or not they have access to in-house legal expertise.

PPA - Nicola Rowe