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This is a set of key contracts used by magazine publishers on a daily basis. Each of them takes the form of a term sheet which sets out the specific commercial terms of the contract, and an attached set of standard terms and conditions. The contracts are deliberately short form in order to speed the negotiation process.

Freelance Engagement Contract

A contract for the engagement of a freelance writer either for a one-off commission or on an indefinite term basis. You can specify the commission brief, the fee payable, whether syndication is permitted and all other commercial terms. You can also specify whether the writer assigns the copyright in the commissioned work to you, or grants you a licence to publish the piece on an agreed basis.

Photographer Commission Agreement

A contract for the engagement of a freelance photographer for a commission. The contract enables you to specify all details of the commission and the delivery requirements, the fee payable and any additional agreed costs, and the nature of the rights granted.

Syndication Contract

A contract for the syndication of editorial content that you have published to third party publishers. The contract enables you to specify exactly which syndication rights are granted (including languages, formats, titles and territory) and of course the fee payable.