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This is a set of everyday contract templates that any business may need to use at some point.
Creative Services Agreement

A contract for use by any business that is providing creative services to a client. The document prompts you to consider and record all the key commercial terms of the commission, and it provides that the rights granted are subject to payment being received. It contains all the boilerplate provisions necessary for a contract of this nature.

General Freelance Contract

A generic freelance contract suitable for directly engaged freelancers.

NDA (mutual)

A comprehensive non-disclosure agreement for use when you and a third party are mutually disclosing confidential information and you each require the other to keep the information confidential.

NDA (unilateral)

A comprehensive non-disclosure agreement for use when you are disclosing confidential information to a third party and you require the party to keep the information confidential.

Photographer Commission Agreement

A contract for the engagement of a freelance photographer for a commission. The contract enables you to specify all details of the commission and the delivery requirements, the fee payable and any additional agreed costs, and the nature of the rights granted.

Rights Assignment (Upfront)

This document can be used when engaging a third party to create some materials for you that will be used in or in connection with a computer game and for which you are paying to own.