The Widget

What is the Widget?

The Widget is a web-based system that enables you to draft your own contracts and other documents on up-to-date cloud-based templates. The Widget has been developed by Wiggin, one of the UK's leading media law firms.

The Widget provides you with a cost-effective way to generate properly drafted legal documents. The Widget takes the time, expense and worry out of preparing, updating and managing the contracts and documents that you use on a regular basis.

How does it work

The Widget is simple to use:

When you want to prepare a particular contract or letter, you select the document template that you need and a "wizard" appears on screen - a form that takes you through the drafting process in plain English. You work through the wizard, filling in the necessary information where prompted (for example the parties' names and addresses, and the key commercial terms) and you choose from clause options where prompted. You don't have to understand the law, but you do need to understand your business!

When you have completed the drafting process, the software prepares your document using the terms you have chosen and the information you have entered, and the finished draft is made available to you for download as a Word document or as a PDF. You can revisit your draft any time using the wizard to amend it, or to re-create it.

What documents are available?

Document sets are available for the following:

Employment and HR

Independent music publishers

Independent record labels

Magazine publishers


To start using the Widget, click on the Register tab to create an account (there's no charge to register), and then you can access the templates.


What they say

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Widget to record labels and music publishers. The contracts are clear, modern and up to date, the technology makes the whole contract management process extremely easy, and the low fees are especially attractive in these economically tricky times.

Beggars Group - Rupert Skellett