The Widget

How much does it cost?

The Widget is now a simple pay-per-use model. Each template is separately priced, and each time you create a document the Widget will charge you the relevant price. Prices range from £65 for the most complex contract down to as little as £15 for the shorter documents. The average contract price is around £30.

Having done your drafting you'll want to see your document before you download and pay for it, so the Widget gives you a preview to check you're happy with what you have prepared. 

Once you have paid for your document you can revisit your draft any time using the wizard to amend it, or even to re-create it.

If you have a discount code you should enter it at the point of payment.

All prices exclude VAT, and you will be able to download a VAT invoice after payment.

What they say

The PPA is delighted to be able to offer this service to members in partnership with Wiggin. The Widget is a simple yet powerful contract-drafting tool that will deliver real value to publishers, whether or not they have access to in-house legal expertise.

PPA - Nicola Rowe